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EmBARKING on a Pekingese Family Adventure 

1990 Marie made a conscious decision: if I returned to the world of dog shows and breeding, it would be with Pekingese. This choice came after the responsibilities of raising my children and the loss of my dearest companion, my mother. Fast forward to 2017, and my first Pekingese, "Buddha," entered my life. He became my heart and the first champion.


With Buddha as the catalyst, I realized my passion for raising and breeding high-quality Pekingese. Wanting to involve my family, I envisioned engaging in shows and enjoying some travel along the way.


With the support of my partner Rick, my grandson Trenten, extended family, and friends, we formed a collaborative effort to nurture, train, and handle cleanup responsibilities. Yet, the secret ingredient to our success is the special attention and love we collectively pour into this endeavor.


We opt for quality over quantity, raising just a few litters a year, sometimes even a solitary one. Keeping the litters close together ensures that the pups have companionship or, as we call it, a 'pack-like' environment. 


Our home provides an open space for them to play, sleep, and grow. At bedtime, they retire to separate runs with their chosen buddies—a noteworthy principle for us: 'No closed crates' unless there's a unique circumstance.


Our residence, situated on a ten-acre hobby farm in Minnesota, is where I grew up. Here, we once raised purebred Angus beef and maintained a bustling chicken population ranging from 500 to 1000 in some years. 


Having participated in 4-H and FFA, we have a history of showcasing pedigreed calves and livestock at county fairs. Now, our Pekingese grace the same fairgrounds.


Living on a farm allows our Pekingese to roam freely. Winter, in particular, becomes a joyful playtime as we create snow trails for them. Snow trails keep them active and surprisingly clean. Come summer, we delight in giving our fur babies rides in a wagon attached to a lawnmower or within the confines of a four-wheeler with high-fenced sides for safety. They adore these experiences!


Our commitment extends to attending several shows annually, taking us across the country. Exploring new places has become a passion, and my grandson Trenten, always ready for a new adventure, has evolved into an adept show handler. Together, as a family, we revel in the joyous journey of our Pekingese family adventure.

Experienced Breeder


Breeding Samoyeds in the 1980s, I was blessed with 2 litters. After getting my first Pekingese puppy in 2017, I have had many beautiful litters of champions, and companions!

Champion Bloodlines


Showing is a family event; we have several Grand Champions, and many Champion Pekingese puppies, with more to come! Our studs have proven success, with health, temperament, and beauty. 

A Furbaby Friend


We have several litters throughout the year, our puppies live as family members in our home.  Our Pekingese puppies are of show quality and wonderful pet companions. We look for loving, and responsible homes, and are always excited to receive photos of their success!

Trenten getting it done!

Bruce Lee, the Pekingese, continues to excel and make Marie proud by going for the gold!

Magazine-shows-campaing-Bruce lee.jpeg


Heading 4

Trenten, is part of the family fun!!


Shows, and helps, with the care of all the Pekingese, from the babies to adults, they all love him.

This photo was taken at the Pekingese Nationals in Camp Hill Pennsylvania

In October 2021, He won the Best Junior in Show title!



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